new_logoShampoo and Setters dog grooming service salon run by Jacquie Rorke based between Poole and Bournemouth, we have years of experience and the skills to offer a truly remarkable service every time.

Personally, I have found over the years that dogs are far less stressed and more comfortable being groomed in a home environment, which ensures their return visits are greeted with enthusiasm.


Having  owned, bred, showed and judged dogs for many years. My own experience of dog grooming many breeds has grown, making Shampoo and Setters a way to help other owners, new and old look after their very special family members properly.

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Whether you’re ready to book your pooch in for a dog grooming appointment or simply wish to ask more about the full range of services on offer, give us a call on  07780 676 673 Alternatively, you can drop us an email or use our contact form. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them to ensure we’re the right fit for your needs and requirements.

About Us

Here at Shampoo and Setters we have a fully equipped grooming cabin, housing all the speciality products and equipment needed to completely care for your dog.

About Us DogEquipment ranges from a dog shower – with an easy to use ramp for bigger or arthritic dogs – a couple of grooming tables, through to all the top-quality professional kit needed to give your dogs the best possible grooming experience.  

Time and care is accorded to each and every dog groomed at Shampoo and Setters. We have a friendly, unhurried approach which makes the dogs feel relaxed and at home, even if it’s their first visit.

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Shampoo and Setters cater for cross breeds as well  as  pedigree show dogs.  We love seeing them all well cared and  catered for. It’s why we offer this service. 


Dog Grooming

From small breeds like a Shih Tzu to a large Great Dane, our team have the skills and equipment to treat your dog with the care they deserve.

Dog Grooming 1Specialist treatments are available for those dogs who have hair that is significantly matted or needs further care. The salon uses the very best in dog grooming products to ensure safety and satisfaction. From the brushes used to comb the hair to the cleaning products used to leave your dog smelling delicious, everything is high-quality. 

It’s understandable that you want the very best for your dog and we provide a friendly service that will have you not wanting to go anywhere else. Our clients are very satisfied with the services we provide and are always choosing our salon to treat their dogs to a truly fantastic experience.

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Whether it’s a full pamper session or just a single treatment, our grooming services can be tailored to suit dogs of all breeds and ages.

Dog Wash & Dry

Dog WashWashing your dog’s coat is something that you need to do on a regular basis, especially if your dog is prone to running through puddles and getting dirty while out on a walk. With years of experience and top-quality products, we’ll transform your dog’s coat into a healthy one. The products we use are the best in the business and will ensure your dog comes out looking and smelling fresh. Regular grooming on your dog’s coat can ensure your dog’s skin stays healthy and that you’re not making it an attractive place for bugs and pests to live in.

All dogs have two deep cleansing washes before being conditioned with excellent products appropriate to the individual dog.  A professional dryer is also used, allowing us to not only dry according to each dog’s needs, but also to get more nervous dogs acquainted with being dried.   Each is finished with my own blend of fragrant spray.

Dog Nail Clipping

ClippingWe know how hard it can be to clip your dog’s nails. You want it done correctly without the risk of cutting them too short. That’s why we offer a convenient and affordable dog nail clipping service! Clipping them when they start to get too long, we promote regular nail cutting so that you and your dog are happy.

After getting to know your dog, we will take care to clip their nails with state-of-the-art equipment. No matter how big or how small your dog is we have the tools to get the job done! We can also cater for nervous dogs, who perhaps haven’t had the service done before or usually hate to have it done.